Azuma Learning

IT Training Online Library

Looking for a better, more affordable way to keep your IT team's skills sharp? Azuma Learning's annual subscription / online IT training library is it! Whether you're an individual or a manager who needs to provide technical training to an entire department, having unlimited access to a huge collection of IT training online videos is a dream come true. These courses cover popular technologies from the likes of Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, and VMware.

Instead of enrolling in courses when offered locally, get anytime, anywhere access to the courses you want to take, when you want to take them. Azuma Learning regularly updates the library with new titles, ensuring that your subscription continues to deliver value as you progress through the training. In addition to full-blown, instructor-led training courses, the IT training library can serve as a resource library as needed. For example, if you need a quick refresher or need to learn how to configure a specific service, you can launch the appropriate course and jump to the corresponding lesson. Flexible, affordable, and growing, this IT library is a must for any IT professional.